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Watch 32 inspiring humans share on video how they managed to bypass tradition and design their dream relationships. Unfiltered.

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❤️  7+ different relationship styles, from non-monogamy to singledom, from triads to throuples, from vees to platonic romances

👨🏼‍⚖️  How our speakers deal with disapproving family members and conservative employers

🌈  More about people who are LGBTQ+ AND poly and how being non-monogamous with children works

💫  How our speakers deal with jealousy and other challenges and, what exactly makes pursuing an alternative lifestyle worth it

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A few of our incredible speakers...


Podcast owner, coach and more

"Jealousy is a gift of insight." Jaqueline is a queer Latine woman living in the New York metro area part-time with her daughter and wife and part-time with her girlfriend. How does she balance her two lives?


Relationship coach & educator

Janel lives in the Bay Area and is in an open relationship with her partner who she met at Burning Man. Learn how she navigates being the higher desire partner in her relationship.


Activist and founder of SPFPP

Courtney from St. Louis has been dabbling with open relationships the last few years and spends his time fighting to reduce STD stigma.


Homeschooling mom of three

A mom of 3, a writer, and a Christian, Renee lives with her husband and kids in Maine and has a boyfriend who is a regular presence in their lives. She is so honest and open about her journey in polyamory, both the struggles and the joys.


Founder of Leveled Up Love & Father

Shai was in a 19-year relationship with his ex-wife before they split and he began dating two women almost simultaneously. He currently lives with both of them, his wife, her partner, and their kid. Learn how he juggles it all and how he’s grown since he began this journey.

Joe Duncan

Blogger and musician

Joe lives with his girlfriend and her husband down in Florida. Hear how he's managed to navigate jealousy throughout his life.

Javay da Bae

Double PHD candidate and online educator

Javay is in an open relationship and has been exploring kink over the last several years. She gives us a few tips on meeting BDSM partners on dating apps.


Youtuber and Instagrammer

Michelle (aka @polyamorouswhileasian) is helping normalize polyamory and make it more accessible and viable — especially for BIPOC and other largely underrepresented groups in non-monogamy communities.


Creative strategist

A creative strategist and veteran, based out of Raleigh, Aaron has been exploring open relationships, kink, and what it means to "be" non-monogamous down in Raleigh, N.C. for the past several years.


Author and blogger

Thomas lives in London and writes about polyamory and modern relationships. Listen to him talk about what he's learned about polyamory through his marriage and breakup.

A few more of our amazing speakers



Andrew lives out in Denver and has been in a relationship with one of his partners for several years. They recently both fell in love with the same man and had him move in with them. Now they are living in throuple format. Watch him discuss his journey coming out multiple times in his life.


Coach and Entrepreneur

Kevin out in Denver is exploring his first fully monogamish (emphasis on the ish) relationship with his partner of a year. He has a beautiful way of looking at his relationship, jealousy, and compersion using some fiery metaphors.


School teacher

Kate is a teacher, a former church-goer, and a podcast host. She lives with her husband in Canada, and for the first time, recently, she has a girlfriend too. Watch her talk about what it's been like for her and her husband transitioning out of their former marriages into non-monogamy with each other, and now, polyamory.


Wedding photographer

Marisa has been poly for 18 years, and for a big chunk of that time, she's been married to her husband and dating another couple with him. She has two kids and lives in Delaware. Learn how she handles being the family's "black sheep." (Spoiler alert: she kills it).



Ro is a life coach out in London and is solo poly. She talks about her love life up until now and has some fucking deep insights to share. For me our convo kind of felt like a free coaching session ;)


Administrative assistant & public records officer

Rachael lives with her nesting partner and kids in Washington state and has an asexual but romantic relationship with a woman. How does that work? Super interesting dialogue around this you don't want to miss.



Andoni hails from Mexico but lives in LA producing films. Exploring polyamory has been a roller coaster. Try going through two breakups within the span of just a few months?


US Military

Ebony started out her non-monogamous journey out in NC as a self-proclaimed "piece of shit" to men. After some time, they learned how to be ethical and now they seek to carve out space for black perspectives within mostly-white poly circles.

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  • *A highlight reel on coming out* What do the pros have to say about coming out to family and friends and having the confidence to be you?

  • *Support an important mission* to open up the conversation around sex and non-monogamy, and help people feel more confident about what they desire, even when it goes against convention.

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"Open, honest, progressive, and accepting."

I liked the raw honesty from the speakers, discussing often-challenging subjects.

"I liked finding that there are no limits to the breadth of people choosing new alternative lifestyles - and they are all ok"

The wealth of information and wonderful speakers

"What strikes me most from the majority of interviews is the moment of realization that this is a real thing and how come I didn't know about it before because it feels so right….which resonates loudly for me at this time"

Really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities for my wife and I to explore and also questions for us to ask ourselves (and even counselors if we need some additional info). Really great work. And it was definitely worth the VIP cost to keep viewing those.

"I know I am very grateful for simply being able to hear others' points of view of what can seem like a daunting lifestyle choice to make - but it has most definitely helped me to believe it is not only the right choice for myself, but that I am also only at the start of my journey and there is much to learn"

"Wow, so many different examples of people discovering their own truth in relationships. It was inspiring and gave me lots of hope!"