There's something more.

You know it. I know it. When it comes to sex, this isn't all there is.

But how do you find that "more?" Where do you go from here?

Elevate your sexual self.

The pillow talk network will help you unlock what you truly want out of your sexual world and gain the confidence and tools to go out and get it.

In only 6 weeks, you'll learn:

Week one: 🤷🏽  Intro & practices

Week two: 👩🏾‍🍼 All about relationships and attachment

Week three: 🐵 How your sex drive works, how it differs in biological men versus women, and how to apply this to your life

Week four: 👩‍❤️‍👨  How to create the context for explosive sex

Week five: 🗣 How to handle conflict, solve a sexless relationship, and communicate your desires

Week six: 🔥 The art of giving and receiving pleasure & where to go from here

Your instructor

Top writer on relationships and sex on Medium, Sexography columnist, and self-proclaimed relationship rebel

Since she was a teenager, Sarah loved boys. But the world of romance was always so confusing for her. She was in and out of several monogamous relationships before she discovered that relationships don't have to be exactly how she saw them in the world around her, through her parents, friends, and Gossip Girl. In her twenties, while living in Brooklyn, she discovered there's a vast jungle of possibility when it comes to love and sex. So over the last years, she has been ruthlessly cutting through brush, wading through mud, and climbing trees in order to uncover all there is. Now it's time to share what she's learned with you.

What the beta group said about PTN

"Whip smart, considerate, knowledgable and authentic..."


It’s incredible that people commit for life, that they get married, without even discussing the issue of sexual needs, desires, and even exclusivity. It is not a stretch to suggest that if we did/weren’t chained to our puritanical, religious based and societal pressured upbringing, relationships might be better for all.  Were it not for teachers like Sarah, this gap might never close. Whip smart, considerate, knowledgable and authentic is how Sarah leads you through a course meant to disrupt comfort zones and facilitate personal growth.  If you are interested in expanding your relationship IQ and confronting subjects that might be holding you and your partner(s) back, this course is for you

Highly recommend for anyone wanting to dive deep into their own psyche and relationship with others.


Very intriguing course that touches upon a wide range of subjects regarding relationships and sexuality. Even though it’s a group course it feels like Sarah was able to recognize each participant’s reason for taking the class and help guide them in the right direction. Course has lots of information and brings clarity to the convoluted topic of human sexuality.  Highly recommend for anyone wanting to dive deep into their own psyche and relationship with others.

"This course gives you the tools to work out those difficult mismatches in the bedroom with your partner."


Coming from a background that polite conversation avoids sex, politics and religion - this course shatters that convention. The course emboldened me to bring up uncomfortable subjects. There was role-playing during the course that made difficult conversations much easier at home. This course gives you the tools to work out those difficult mismatches in the bedroom with your partner. A “take home” phrase from the course is, “You have to feel uncomfortable before you can grow.” For the first time I’ve openly discussed my fantasies with my wife and she didn’t freak out.   This course gave me the nerve to share with my wife what would have been unthinkable a year ago. 


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Indefinitely. If for some reason (extremely unlikely) this platform goes bankrupt or I can't afford to host it, I'll give you the ability to download the videos to watch offline whenever you want.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    It starts as soon as you hit purchase. You can take as much time as you need to complete the course.

  • What if I hate this course?

    Tell me within 30 days of purchase and I will return the money to the CC or Paypal account you purchased it with immediately. No questions asked.

  • Will I be able to ask the instructor questions?

    Yes. During the duration of the course, I (Sarah) will be available in the community slack group at least once per week to answer any questions you might have. (More info on that after sign up).

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