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What real people said about last year's summit

"Open, honest, progressive, and accepting."

I liked the raw honesty from the speakers, discussing often-challenging subjects.

"I liked finding that there are no limits to the breadth of people choosing new alternative lifestyles - and they are all ok"

The wealth of information and wonderful speakers

"What strikes me most from the majority of interviews is the moment of realization that this is a real thing and how come I didn't know about it before because it feels so right….which resonates loudly for me at this time"

Really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities for my wife and I to explore and also questions for us to ask ourselves (and even counselors if we need some additional info). Really great work. And it was definitely worth the VIP cost to keep viewing those.

"I know I am very grateful for simply being able to hear others' points of view of what can seem like a daunting lifestyle choice to make - but it has most definitely helped me to believe it is not only the right choice for myself, but that I am also only at the start of my journey and there is much to learn"

"Wow, so many different examples of people discovering their own truth in relationships. It was inspiring and gave me lots of hope!"